Available in two sizes to fit your budget and environment that work with standard wall sockets and require no special electrical set-up


You don’t need to be a machine expert to cut-out, engrave or mark on hundreds of different materials. Make amazing things at the touch-of-a-button with the LV-290 or LV-180 laser engraver machines.

  • With laser-precise results, cut-out wood, leather and acrylic, and mark on metal, glass and many more items.
  • Available in two sizes to fit your home, office or shop, they offer a fully-enclosed operation with non-contact CO2 laser and Class 1 safety compliance.
  • The perfect machine to pair with a VersaUV LEF printer to create giftware and prototypes for unique customisation.


  • An enclosed machine design prevents laser light from escaping and a safety interlock automatically halts laser activation if the cover is opened.
  • LV laser-cut surfaces have a smooth, clean finish without burrs— eliminating the need for final touch-up work.
  • An external LED indicates machine status, while an internal LED light illuminates the work area for safe and easy production.
  • A simple and easy-to-use control panel saves output data for repeat engraving— minimizing the need to return to your computer.
  • Comes standard with a Windows driver that can output directly from Adobe Illustrator® and CorelDRAW ®.
  • Set-up at the touch-of-a-button with a red laser pointer to automatically set the XY zero point and an auto-focus pin to automatically set the height.


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